The advancement of technology is an undeniable truth of a global life-changer in digital transformation. We often hear the negative effects of excessive exposure to technology assimilates into our daily lives. But we rarely hear about the positive impacts it could bring, especially when it comes to education and learning. In the last ten years, many of the high-demand positions of today were established.  

How important is technology in learning and how you can benefit from it at the comfort of your fingertips? Keep on reading to find out more about why online learning should be a vital part of the recent training course mechanisms. Discover the bonus part on where you can snag online learning courses with certificates for FREE!


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Great Benefits of Online Learning Platforms


Online learning has become more popular nowadays. People seek more flexibility and cost-effective training programs to achieve their career goals. Integrating technology into the traditional learning modules harnesses the online learning platform as a powerful tool for both trainers and learners. The effective ways of using digital tools in virtual classes can enhance the learners’ engagement and facilitate a more personalized learning schedule.  

So, why you should choose an online course platform? 

1. Learn at Your Own Pace

Online learning platforms allow learners to progress through the material at their own pace. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who prefer a more self-directed approach to learning or those who need additional time or support to master the material. 

2. Greater Flexibility to Suit Your Schedule 

One of the biggest advantages of online learning platforms is that they offer flexibility in terms of time and location. Learners can access course materials and complete assignments at their own pace and from any location with internet access. This makes online learning ideal for those with busy schedules, work commitments, or other responsibilities that may make traditional in-person learning challenging. 

3. Cost Effective than Traditional Training 

Online learning platforms can be cost-effective compared to traditional in-person learning. There may be no need for commuting, housing, or other expenses associated with attending a physical campus. Additionally, online courses can sometimes be more affordable than traditional courses, and there are often options for financial aid or scholarships. 

4. Customized Learning Environment 

Learners can tailor their learning path based on their individual needs, interests, and learning style. They can also track their progress, receive feedback, and revisit course materials as needed, allowing for a customized learning experience that meets their unique requirements. 

5. Endless Resources Accessibility 

Provide access to a wide range of courses and educational resources, including those that may not be available in certain geographic areas. Learners can choose from a variety of subjects, disciplines, and skill levels, and access courses from reputable institutions and instructors from around the world. 

6. Career Advancement Opportunities 

It offers opportunities for career advancement and professional development. Learners can acquire new skills or update existing ones to stay competitive in the job market and earn certificates or credentials that can boost their resumes and open doors to new job opportunities. 

7. Continuous Learning Journey 

It fosters a culture of continuous learning, as learners can access courses and resources at any time, even after completing a program. This promotes lifelong learning and personal growth, allowing individuals to continuously update their knowledge and skills to adapt to changing demands in their personal and professional lives. 

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free online learning courses with certificates

Top 15 Online Learning Courses with Certificates for FREE 

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It’s important to note the benefits of technology in the learning systems, including increased collaboration and communication, improved quality of training and lessons engagement.  

As much as you want all the conveniences in your training session, don’t forget to get valid certifications upon completion of the courses. Here are the best platforms for online learning courses with certificates that you can try without having to fork out a huge amount of money: 

1. SKILLSTURE: An online learning platform with bite-size, interactive, and accessible training sessions for the latest on-demand skills. Join daily live-streaming training sessions at your convenience and earn industry-recognized certificates. 

2. Web Design by Udemy: Everything you need to learn in order to build a web design business that provides you with free hour-long training on the principles of fundamental website design. The courses in Udemy include Figma, HTML, Elementor, CSS and much more. 

3. Google Digital Garage (Fundamentals of Digital Marketing): Learn about courses in areas that can help you broaden your professional, commercial, and personal horizons and improve your abilities for the new digital world. There are hundreds of modules in digital marketing that you can learn and sit for the exam to earn the certification for free. 

4. Google Ads Certification by Skillshop: Google has another training platform, Skillshop. Demonstrate your Google Ads expertise by being certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping Advertising, Apps, and Measurement. Claim the certificates upon completion of each course and be the Google Ads master today! 

5. Google Analytics Academy: Access free online courses to learn analytics here. Enjoy self-paced learning according to your skill level from beginners to power users. It also offers two other courses; Introduction to Data Studio and Google Tag Manager Fundamentals. It helps you to connect your data and build Data Studio reports and simplify the tag implementation and management process respectively. 

6. Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate: Learn in-demand skills like Python, Git, and IT automation to advance your career. You can enrol on this course on Coursera for up to 6 months. No previous experience is needed as this is for the beginner level. Upon receiving the certifications, it requires you to complete projects for each course.

7. Microsoft Learn: Microsoft Learn offers free courses on topics related to Microsoft technologies, such as Azure and Power Platform. Discover your learning paths and customize them to suit your needs. Enjoy learning at your own schedule by getting full access to the educator resources and earning certificates. 

8. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course: HubSpot provides knowledge of inbound marketing strategies for digital marketing. Having this certificate will increase your career value. It will showcase your ability to apply them to help organizations grow and succeed. The courses include content strategy, email marketing, SEO, conversion optimization strategy, reporting and much more. 

9. AWS Certification: AWS is Amazon’s cloud computing programme, which is used by a wide range of businesses across various sectors. It offers free digital training and entry-level certification. 

10. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate: Upgrade your career in data science and machine learning by demonstrating the ability to solve real-world problems. Earning this certificate provides the opportunity to gain practical experience and use the latest tools. The lessons cover data analysis, data visualization, SQL, and predictive modelling.

11. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science: Get an introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming by Harvard University. This self-paced learning takes up to 11 weeks of a robust understanding of computer science and programming. Prepare to be familiar with a number of languages, including C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML. 

12. FreeCodeCamp Certifications: Everyone can learn coding now. This certification program guides you from A to Z to a beginner level. Each certification should take approximately 300 hours to complete and includes 5 required projects. You can practice your skills by working on open-source projects for nonprofit organizations.

13. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC): You may learn skills relating to your business by enrolling in a MOOC, and if you pay a nominal price for select courses, you can receive a formal degree. Some of the popular courses include computer science, languages, engineering, psychology, accounting and much more.

14. edX: edX is a nonprofit platform that offers free online courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT. Propel your career and expand your knowledge at any level. 

15. Alison’s certification in supervision skills: Alison offers free courses on a variety of subjects, including business, technology, and health. It also provides a diploma in soft skills. Enrol now!

Whether you are looking to learn technical skills, creative skills, or expand your knowledge, there is an online learning platform that is perfect for you. These ten platforms are just a few emerging options to keep an eye on. Grab this golden opportunity in learning and development to advance your career and earn higher wages.

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Key Takeaways


Online learning is an attractive option for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge, skills, and opportunities in a flexible and convenient manner. So, whether you’re looking to acquire new skills, advance your career, or pursue a personal interest, online learning platforms can be a valuable tool for your upskilling journey. 

In order to decide if an online learning course setting is right for you, it is highly recommended to evaluate the pros and cons of online learning between your job or family responsibilities. The environment can provide you with the training you are looking for to achieve your ultimate career goals seamlessly. 

Check out SKILLSTURE to grab the highly sought-after tech skills and increase your career marketability in high-demand jobs.

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