July 13, 2022

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Youth (That You Can Transition Into)



When it comes to finding a job, it is undeniable that salary always plays an important factor. There must be someone telling you, “You shouldn’t be too choosy when applying for jobs. You should be grateful.

The biggest question is is the starting salary really important?


If anything the pandemic has taught us that during a time of crisis, they will always be a part of the segment that will be winning. Digital talents were on the high rise during the pandemic, where sectors such as digital entertainment, streaming services, super app ordering services and many more require a lot of skills to be run and maintained.

High earning skill is not something new, however, many of them being taught to us since kindergarten on the need to study well, excel in studies so that we can learn one. However, time changes the popularity and demand for these jobs, high paying skills such as pilots, oil drilling engineers, surgeon requires years and years of practice and investment in order to bear fruit.

So here we are taking a look at 10 jobs that offer well-paying jobs and can be transitioned into fast with the right guidance

This article doesn’t only discuss the top 10 highest paying jobs but also others factors that influence them, such as your experience, how long you should be staying in a single company and what are factors to take into account when you negotiate salary.

Big Data Scientist

Entry-level Salary: RM4,000 – RM6,000

Skills Needed: Programming (Python, Perl, C/C++, SQL and Java),  knowledge of SAS and analytical tools, statistics and probability, data manipulation and analysis, data visualisation, machine learning, software engineering, model deployment

In 2021, data science is ranked as #1 top emerging in-demand skill in Malaysia. Data Scientist is one of the top most employable majors in Malaysia. However, it is still in high shortages. It’s a career apart from traditional jobs, with most sought-after advancing technologies skills of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We are living in the age of the IR 4.0, where data matters. It’s the era of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Data is like magic! It helps the businesses make the right decisions and maximise profits. This is why Data Scientists are needed. They are like wizards who know how to create magic using data. By having data, businesses are able to study and analyse customer feedback, and monitor customer trends. Therefore, they are able to create better ads to acquire customers to tailor products best suited for them.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity is one of the highest-paying jobs

Entry-level Salary: RM5,000 – RM6,500

Skills Needed: Networking (CompTIA Security+ and Cisco CCNA), knowledge of operating systems and virtual machines, network security control, coding, cloud security, blockchain security, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Have you ever heard of a cybersecurity engineer? This job is responsible for protecting networks and systems against cyber adversaries. Should you become a cybersecurity engineer?

Cybersecurity engineers troubleshoot security and network problems, help defend against hackers, cyberattacks and other threats. They basically help to identify threats and challenges. Just like Data Scientists, Cybersecurity Engineers are much needed to fill the growing need in Malaysia. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough qualified and skilled cybersecurity professionals. 

Protecting financial data, health information, intellectual property and other sensitive data is highly important. Paving the way for career opportunities in cybersecurity is very much encouraged if you think you have the required skills.

Solutions Architects

Mid to Expert-level Salary: RM9,000 – RM11,000

Skills Needed: Computer and operating systems, infrastructure and engineering design, DevOps, system security measures, business analysis, database management, cloud development, web platforms

If you are forward-thinking and believe in technology, you might want to work as a solutions architect. A good solutions architect looks at the existing environment and analyses what technologies are available and what software product must be developed to provide the best solution for the problem that occurred. Grab the opportunity now and be one of the highest paying jobs employees!

Digital Marketing Specialist

Entry-level Salary: RM3,500 – RM4,800

Skills Needed: Data analysis, content marketing, SEO & SEM, CRM, communication skills, social media skills, paid ads, data analysis

We are living in a digital world and marketing budgets are moving to digital advertising.

  • Learn basic digital marketing kit
  • Get Google Ads certification – the best way to get resources to become Google Adwords Expert
  • Become SEO and Google Analytics Expert
  • Master Facebook Ads – start with social media marketing, good knowledge of SEO and Google Ads

Full Stack Developer

Entry-level Salary: RM4,300 – RM7,000

Skills Needed: Front-end languages and frameworks (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), backend technologies and frameworks (JavaScript, Python, C#, PHP), database management systems, version control

A full stack developer designs and builds dynamic data-driven websites and apps using a rich ensemble of technologies, techniques and workflows.

Different functionalities:

  • Front-end developer
  • Web designer
  • Web analysts
  • UX/UI engineer

Chief Finance Officer

Expert-level Salary: RM13,000 – RM30,000

Skills Needed: Analytical aptitude, risk assessment skills, innovation management, leadership skills, strategies mindset, communication and collaboration, business intelligence

Manages company’s fiscal operations

A guide to become a CFO:

  • Further education – earn accounting certifications and MBA
  • Master technical skills
  • Improve leadership and communication skills
  • Stay abreast of developments in technology and cybersecurity
  • Earn professional credentials – CPA, CMA, CFA

Why companies need a CFO:

  • High level of responsibility and organisational influence
  • Operational efficiency
  • Strategy development
  • Increased profitability
  • Sustainable benefits

Head of Banking (Branch Manager)

Mid-level Salary: RM14,000 – RM20,000

Skills Needed: Analytical aptitude, risk assessment skills, innovation management, leadership skills, strategies mindset, communication and collaboration, business intelligence

Banking careers are booming and it is one of the highest paying jobs globally.

Offer many opportunities for advancement.

Oversee the operations of a branch of a bank.

Manage employees, ensure sales targets are met and staff training

People pursue banking due to the competitive salary and it’s a reliable source of work.

CEO (Chief Executive Office)

Mid-level Salary: RM15,000 – RM23,000

Skills Needed: Growth mindset, clear communication skills, open mindedness, transparency, realistic optimism, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, strategic management, risk management

Helps set the big picture of the company goals and objectives

The final authority to any decisions made by other employees


  • Draft high level corporate strategies implemented
  • Manage overall resources and operations



Mid-level Salary: RM7,000 – RM8,500

Skills Needed: Commercial awareness, perfect presentation, creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration with all job levels, curiosity, credibility, effective communication

Consultants provide expert opinions, not one-size-fits-all solutions.

Hiring a consultant can help businesses improve performance as they are not emotionally invested in the operations of the company.

Sales Director

Mid-level Salary: RM8,000 – RM9,500

Skills Needed: Sales and negotiation skills, excellent communication skills, client relationships, presentation skills, negotiation, prospecting skills, sales planning, consumer-oriented, stress management, business development, market knowledge, budgeting skills

To increase sales and lead sales team to work to meet sales goals

Need a proven record of 7-10 years of sales executive experience Disclaimer: the figures on top are made based on research and aggregation of multiple reliable sources and first hand account of talent data. But there are also other factors that we discussed earlier in the article:

In comparison with older generation, the younger generation has much better opportunity in upskilling themselves and moving to company with better salary benefits, perks and attractive schemes that shouldn’t be overlooked by.

Always keep looking for better opportunities!

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