Convincing your parents to pursue a degree you are passionate about may seem a difficult game. Typical Asian parents want their children to be the professionals such as lawyers, doctors and engineers in the future.

It is not uncommon for you to encounter this situation with your parents, but convincing them to allow you to pursue it may be challenging.

Here’s a list top 10 degrees in demand that you may use to convince your parents to let you study something worth investing in. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


One of the promising future jobs is artificial intelligence (AI) which brings significant and disruptive innovations of this century. It is an emerging field, with hiring growing by 32% in the last couple of years. According to a projection by the World Economic Forum in 2021, AI will create 97 million new employment by 2025.



Since most companies have adopted digitalization, deploying AI technology helps reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, grow revenue and improve customer experience. It has transformed how people think, learn and work in various areas and impacted our everyday lives.


AI has been an integral part of SAS software for years. Today we help customers in every industry capitalize on advancements in AI, and we’ll continue embedding AI technologies like machine learning and deep learning in solutions across the SAS portfolio.”


In case you didn’t realize, AI is now everywhere around us, such as in Siri, virtual games, and social media applications. Hence, AI is currently the most sought-after career in the market. It offers a world of opportunities to create cutting-edge technologies in various sectors. It is also known as the skill of the Century as it is all set to replace many jobs that humans do. Gaining this skill helps to automate many things.

Average salary: RM 4,000 monthly


Game Design


Have you ever played games and your parents told you that you were not going anywhere with games? What if you could actually make money out of it — whether you play it or you create one?



Video game designers and software developers work for companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Getting a degree in game design will get you create the next generation of innovative games by developing your creative and technical skills. The gaming industry is a hotbed of creative talents as game developers usually create almost everything from scratch.

The gaming industry is getting increasingly competitive as more college graduates have graduated and pursued as game designers. Still, it is so satisfying to work in this industry when you have a group of people brainstorming ideas to make them a reality.

Working in the gaming industry allows you to use your creative and analytical skills as you will need to conceptualize video games’ themes, structure and rules. You will also enjoy a steady career in a dynamic industry as it is an ever-changing industry where you will never encounter a dull moment.

Average salary: RM 4,790 monthly


Data Science


We live in a world of big data in which most of our everyday actions create data, from watching videos on social media to purchasing a product online. That is why interpreting and understanding data has become a valuable skill that you should obtain.

Data scientist is one of the jobs that offer lucrative salaries due to its high demand for the position and advanced technological skills. You should consider pursuing your degree in data science as you will be equipped with a transferable skill set across various roles and industries. Since it is an evolving career path, it provides growth and development opportunities.

It is a versatile skillset that you could find yourself working in industries including business, healthcare, retail, finance, education, engineering and advertising. With the right knowledge in data science, you will have many options to work at.

Average salary: RM 6,000 monthly


Machine Learning



You must be wondering how to be a machine learning engineer. Machine learning engineers may need at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field like computer science. Some may need official certifications, which may be obtained from some academic institutions and technology providers such as public cloud computing provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). This credential is beneficial as organizations view their certified employees as a competitive advantage due to the added value. In fact, it is currently highly in demand.

Average salary: RM 5,593 monthly


Blockchain Technology




If you pursue a blockchain degree, it features the fundamentals of blockchain technology. Although it is still new in the market, earning this degree may be a smart investment as it offers huge career opportunities, higher pay and a brighter future. Blockchain is a digital database distributed among the nodes of a peer-to-peer network. With this skill set, you could be the decision-maker regarding business collaboration. To master blockchain, you must start off by learning the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockchain expertise is the fastest-growing skill set in the job market. It is an underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, so you can make smarter investments and trading when you understand the fundamentals of blockchain.

Average salary: RM 5,920 monthly


Digital Marketing

Pursuing a digital marketing degree must be one of the best choices ever, especially during the Industrial Revolution 4.0. We relied so much on IR 4.0 technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), digital platforms and augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR). So, studying digital marketing is one of the degrees in demand that will help you develop diverse skills valuable in the current job market.



The question is, is it worth investing in a digital marketing degree for your future career?

Well, digital marketing has evolved drastically over time. All the videos you watch, the content you read, and the images you see online are mostly related to digital marketing advancement. However, the digital skills gap is still growing. There are still many organizations actively seeking talents with proficient digital marketing skills.

This degree will be the groundwork for building a strong educational foundation and a notable addition to your resume to back up your previous work experience. It still remains relevant in today’s market as some employers require you to have a degree in a related field to apply for a role. When you have this degree, it will show that you’re specialized in one area.

Average salary: RM 5,400 monthly


Civil Engineering


“Go for civil engineering, because civil engineering is the branch of engineering which teaches you the most about managing people. Managing people is a skill which is very, very useful and applies almost regardless of what you do.”


Studying civil engineering will teach you to apply mathematics and scientific knowledge to real-life situations and problems. It is a profession that helps you implement knowledge to build and create an environment that is both safe and convenient to live in. Famous structures in Malaysia, such as KLCC Twin Tower, Penang Free School, Perak Museum and Masjid Jamek were built and still remain stable due to the civil engineering techniques.

With these engineering degrees in demand, you will be able to have fundamentals on laying out a plan based on the budget and requirements of the projects.

Average salary: RM 6,280 monthly



Communication skills are highly sought after in most roles and organizations. Students with communication degrees in demand usually find employment opportunities in various areas where effective interpersonal, intercultural, ethical and media communication expertise are required. Now, you must wonder what you can do with a communications degree.




Communication is essential in all industries to sell products and services to the public and maintain strong relationships with investors, clients and customers. One of the perks of getting this degree is that you will have plenty of choices of career paths. Some jobs you could find leveraging communication skills include public relations specialist, social media manager, copywriter, human resources and digital content producer.

Average salary: RM 5,200 monthly




What can you do with an economics degree? An economic degree helps you understand the world around you — people, businesses, markets and governments. One of the most common jobs that an economics major would pursue is a financial analyst. Financial analysts analyse an organisation’s past and current financials and forecast future revenues and expenditures.

As technologies evolve, there are growing financial products that require in-depth knowledge of financial analysts to cater for this. It is also a great option to pursue as a career since financial analysts exist in multiple industries. So, this job has a vast opportunity out there.

Average salary: RM 4,000 monthly


Information Technology



The IT industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide. It provides professional job opportunities. In this digitalization era, securing a rewarding and sustainable job is crucial and having IT degrees in demand can bring you far! Students completing this will be able to get a lucrative salary and substantial roles to stand out.

Average salary: RM 6,600 monthly


Key Takeaways

A degree may open the door to a bright career you wish to pursue. Based on these top 10 degrees in demand, please choose a course you envision yourself in the future wisely. We all know it’s hard to make our parents feel convinced by our decision, but if you are clear with your career pathway, be courageous to talk to your parents and start planning for your education!



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