4 Hours Webinar / Workshop: Self Mastery & Skill Mastery

Get To Know Yourself Better

Better self-understanding and DNA explore
Personal Development Program

Skill Mastery

To identify, uncovering unique talents, abilities, and strengths. It involve self-reflection, experimentation, and assessment to determine the proficiency level of knowledge, skills, and ability required in fostering based on the desired career.
  1. IR 4.0 Digital Skills & Market Trend
    • The current market trend and IR 4.0 Digital
    • Skill-Based Learning concept
  2. Self-Mastery “Plus” Skill-Mastery
    • The Important of *Skills of the Future Discovery & Role Fits
    • Job Interest and Learning Pathway setup
  3. SKILLSture Platform
    • On-boarding video and Features sharing *record
    • 5 Core Skillstree & Learning Pathway
  4. Accomplishment & Career Pathway Guidanc
    • Certificate of Attendance (COA)

Self Mastery

To discover motivation and drive factor that influence belief, behaviors, habits and strategy to achieve it. Able to create self-awareness and drive over one's actions and reactions, leading a clear way in fulfilling the purpose life and career.
  1. Introduction of Self-Mastery
  2. Understanding of Self-Awareness, Self-management and Personal Development
  3. How to uncover Personal Values and Passions (*Tool: Pulsifi)
  4. Pursue Goal Adaption and Growth Mindset Learning
    • Methods of Motivational Anchors and Holistic Measurement

**Self-reflection for Individual Recognition & Rewards

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