December 13, 2022

A Guide on Data Scientist Career Path without a Degree



Suppose COVID-19 has made more people attuned to the comfort and cost-saving way of working from home. In that case, the tech industry has largely been using the remote work opportunity to gain the advantage of getting talents from across the border working for them without the need to uproot their home and fly across to new cultures. Now with the remote and hybrid culture being rampant among new job seekers, the consensus is that most prefer remote or hybrid rather than full-time office employment.

However, we acknowledge that not all positions are suitable for 100% remote or hybrid jobs, as some require you to be on-site due to their work nature. However, we did identify some positions where working remotely does not seem to hurt productivity or the need to be physically present.

Here are some positions you may look into if you’re keen on landing your first remote work opportunity position:

1) Web Developer
2) Virtual Assistant
3) Social Media Manager
4) Bookkeeping
5) Fractional C-Suites
6) Customer Service Representative
7) Content Writer
8) SEO Specialist
9) Sales Representative
10) Data Entry Clark

And the list goes on. Well, these 10 positions are common, but there are certainly thousands of positions that offer hybrid working mode. All you need to ask yourself is:

1) Does your position need you to be with your clients face-to-face on a daily basis?
2) Is your position involved in being in physical presence with machinery or on-site equipment frequently?
3) Is your position involved in handling materials for human consumption to deliver daily necessities?

If the answer is no, then congratulations! You may land your first remote work opportunity. But if the answer is yes, and you want to pivot to a career that gives you the perks of working remotely, fret not. You can still apply the techniques below to get your first remote position.

Using a platform that filters job vacancies


Many platforms filter job vacancies, but we would highly recommend using LinkedIn as this is one of the most popular job sites that doubles up as a social network for working professionals. When you’ve created a LinkedIn account, go to the home navigation bar and click on the “Jobs” icon:


Then, you will be led to recommended job feeds based on your searches and job title relevance, as portrayed in the image below:


On top of that, you also may set job alerts when remote positions fitting your current search criteria are posted. This feature allows you to apply for remote jobs instantly.


As you scroll down the page, there will be a feed called “Remote opportunities”, showing you the top remote positions that feed your LinkedIn profile. Nevertheless, if you want an entire list of hybrid and remote opportunities, just proceed with the next step.

Click on the “Search” field and key in the job position you’re looking for:

You’ll be brought into a list of available positions with the filter to choose the availability of remote/hybrid.



You can see a list of job positions in the location of your choice that provides remote or hybrid working opportunities. The more robust your application is, the higher your chance of landing a job. So, make sure your profile is up-to-date and relevant to the applied position.

Smart tip: Try applying for remote positions in neighbouring countries. You might not know they are looking for talent regardless of working location!



Using freelancing platforms


Freelancing has been a great career choice for those unable to land a job but want to earn some pocket money. Nowadays, you can earn more as a freelancer than as a full-time employee. That’s how much evolution took place in the world of freelancing.

Moreover, freelancing has always been synonymous with remote working. You can choose your clients, work locations, working hours and even your rate! One of the highest in-demand freelance jobs is a digital marketer. If you are keen to be a freelance digital marketer, it is never too late to start now.

When you use freelance platforms, remember that they are meant for you to bid on posted projects with other freelancers as well. You might need to start with a low hourly rate before establishing yourself for higher-rate projects. It’s your chance to include your best works in your portfolio to strengthen your profiles. Thus, when you land a project, provide the best experience for your customers.

Here’s a list of platforms where you can create a freelancing profile.



Upwork has a range of freelancing positions that predominantly require remote work opportunities. You can search for a job in different fields ranging from engineering to human resources.



If you want Silicon Valley’s level of pay from anywhere across the world, CROSSOVER is the place to begin. They have a vetting and interview process for you to start applying to organizations that need talent now.


Just like Upwork, has a variety of remote working job opportunities in different fields. However, the competition is hard for a new account, so you might need robust job opportunities or be ready to drop your rate for new projects.

However, these are just our suggestions.  Always remember that you may write to your employer to request a remote working opportunity — which comes to the last part.

Request hybrid or remote opportunity by writing to your employer

Popularised by Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Work Week, there is, in fact, a step-by-step process to convincing your boss to give your work opportunity, albeit it doesn’t take your boss’ personality into it.