October 31, 2022

Implementation of AI in Digital Marketing for Business


You must have come across one of the hottest buzzwords in tech: AI, which stands for artificial intelligence. If you’re wondering what it is, keep reading to understand. It refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks usually done by humans. For instance, visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. In this article, we will talk deeper about how AI in digital marketing help automates a lot of traditional processes that most businesses practice.


AI in digital marketing invention can automate many processes


There are various fields of AI. One is machine learning (ML). An AI technique with data-driven technology that teaches computers to learn and independently adapt from data without being programmed to perform specific tasks.

Another subset of AI is deep learning. A branch of machine learning that employs sophisticated artificial neural network architectures. The term “deep” refers to the number of hidden layers in the neural network. Natural language processing (NLP) is a linguistic tool enabling machines to read and interpret human language.

Today’s AI


Nowadays, AI is ubiquitous. Its data extraction and interpretation capabilities can influence the demand for faster speed and greater performance. It is not a replacement for marketers but will make them more valuable.

Some examples of established AI include:

    • manufacturing robots
    • chatbots
    • self-driving cars
    • smart assistants
    • e-payments
    • text editors or autocorrect
    • maps and navigation
    • facial detection and recognition

The revolution of AI in digital marketing.

One of the perks of AI in digital marketing is to promote users' productivity.

Personalized customer experience


When the content is relevant to the users, it is more likely to create conversions and increase customer retention and brand loyalty. Implementing artificial intelligence facilitates businesses in understanding customers better with its ability in data collection and market segmentation. It makes human lives more efficient in conducting digital marketing campaigns.

Content creation


Content creation helps marketers understand their customers and expectations better. It can provide valuable insights by analyzing customer interests, demographics and preferences.

Customer service


In digital marketing, it is necessary to understand the customers’ behaviour and needs to deliver the best product or service. AI implementation allows entrepreneurs and marketers to offer a better-personalized customer experience to the customers, which can have a better impact on obtaining sales.

Email optimization


Sending emails to databases and target audiences has been a marketing strategy that remains relevant as a cost-effective direct approach. Email marketing may also generate human-like content, such as email subjects and CTAs. It can also optimize when they are most likely to open it. The rise of AI is transforming the future of digital marketing as we speak. Most businesses aim to implement this technology soon!